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National Geographic Magazine, July 1988, “When the Moors Ruled Spain”.

Photo: Bruno Barbey


These goofballs!

at the bar 10 years later.

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Tatiana Maslanys’ entrance to the Women Who Kick Ass panel. Pretty sure you can see Sarah Paulson, bottom left in the video, switching the name cards so that they are seated together. [x]


“I grew up looking after my sisters. I always felt like the Mama Bear around them and their friends; It’s kind of how I’m built. I think our roles haven’t really changed. I’m still as maternal as ever, I’m still really protective, but it’s been amazing. I have two build-in best friends. We feel like explorers — like gypsies. We’re really taking advantage of the fact that we get to travel the world together.” - Este Haim

Photo by Michael Ray